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Empowering Lives Through Innovation: The Journey of Caregiver Smart Solutions


Revolutionizing Care with Smart Technology

At Caregiver Smart Solutions, we are more than just a company; we are a movement dedicated to transforming the caregiving landscape through cutting-edge technology. Our journey, marked by significant media recognition and groundbreaking innovations, is not just a story of corporate success but a testament to our commitment to enhancing the lives of families and caregivers globally.

Our Media Footprint

Caregiver Smart Solutions in the news

Showcasing Innovation on Global Platforms

Our presence in prestigious events like CES and partnerships with influential bodies like NKBA have not only highlighted our technological prowess but also underscored our role as industry thought leaders. From live interviews on platforms like Business of Home to insightful blogs in Professional Remodeler magazine, we’ve shared our vision far and wide.

Key Media Highlights:

CES Appearances: Showcasing our latest innovations in caregiver technology.
NKBA Features: Collaborating with kitchen and bath industry leaders to integrate tech in everyday living spaces.
Forbes and TechRepublic Interviews: Discussing the future of AI in domestic caregiving. TEDx: As a thought leader our founder Ryan Herd shares insights about technology for Aging in Place.

Community Engagement and Awards

Recognition and Responsibility

As we gain recognition, from winning the CTA at CES Eureka Park Accessibility Contest to being featured in International Business Insider, we remain grounded in our mission. Our engagements, like judging STEM projects or participating in podcasts like ‘Fading Memories‘, reflect our commitment to community involvement and advocacy for better caregiving solutions.

The Future of Caregiving

A Vision for Tomorrow’s Caregivers

Our journey is far from over. As we continue to innovate, our focus remains on empowering caregivers with the tools they need to provide compassionate, efficient, and effective care. We envision a world where technology not only makes caregiving easier but also enhances the quality of life for those we care for.

Join Our Mission

For Investors, Families, and Partners

For investors, your support fuels our innovation and helps bring life-changing solutions to market. For families, our products promise peace of mind and a new standard of care for your loved ones. And for partners, we offer the chance to be at the forefront of a caregiving revolution. Join us on this remarkable journey.


Caregiver Smart Solutions – Pioneering a Better Tomorrow

We are more than a brand; we are a beacon of hope and innovation in the caregiving industry. Our journey, marked by milestones and media recognition, is just the beginning. Together, with our clients, investors, and partners, we are setting new standards in caregiving, one smart solution at a time.

Discover more about our journey and join us in revolutionizing caregiving.

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Helping caregivers monitor their loved ones as they age in place.



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