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Discover valuable tools, tips, and tricks to help you manage the challenges of being a caregiver. Our blog offers a section specifically for caregivers, featuring regularly updated content on topics such as Caregiving, Aging in Place, Caregiver Monitoring, and Caregiver Technology. Our resources are designed, to provide support and guidance to those caring for loved ones.

By Caregivers for Caregivers like You from Caregiver Smart Solutions!

Useful Websites for Information and Research

AARP: The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has a section on its website dedicated to caregiving resources, including information on managing caregiving tasks, staying healthy, and finding support.

Family Caregiver Alliance: This organization provides information and support for caregivers, including a range of resources such as online support groups, legal resources, and guides on managing caregiving tasks.

National Family Caregivers Association: This organization offers resources for caregivers, including information on financial assistance, support groups, and self-care tips.

Mayo Clinic: The Mayo Clinic has a webpage dedicated to caregiving resources, including information on managing stress, caring for a loved one with a chronic illness, and finding support.

The living in Place Institute: This website provides professional education to make all homes Accessible, Healthy & Safe for everyone, regardless of age or needs.