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Caregiver Smart Solutions

Ease the burden of Caregiving. Get the information YOU need right on your phone – instantly!


“Katie has been using Caregiver Smart Solutions for a few years now. She shares her concerns about her mom and how the CORE kit has helped her have less stress and more Peace of Mind.”

Caregiver Smart Solutions

We Are Your Trusted Ally for Helping Your Loved One Thrive While Aging in Place

Our innovative and non-intrusive technology is designed to monitor your beloved family members’ habits while at home. With a deep understanding of the importance of privacy, our discreet sensors track daily activities like eating, sleeping, and movement patterns. No cameras or listening devices are involved, only real-time updates are sent straight to your phone through our user-friendly app. Rest assured, with our solution, you can stay connected and care for your loved ones, respecting their dignity and independence every step of the way.

The Senior List

To me, the most intriguing part of Caregiver Smart Solutions is the detailed activity tracking. If you have a family member aging in place, then these devices can provide you with accurate updates that let you know your loved one is safe.

Instant Notifications Right on Our User-Friendly App

Prevent Accidents

We Help You Take Care of Your Loved Ones

As the population ages, more and more Americans are finding themselves in the role of caregiver for their loved ones. Caring for an older family member can be stressful and time-consuming, but Caregiver Smart Solutions can help.

Our innovative Technology for Caregivers enables your loved one to maintain their independence while providing you with peace of mind. With our help, your loved one can continue living at home for as long as possible, giving you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your life. Don’t let caregiving become a burden – let Caregiver Smart Solutions lighten the load.

Forbes Magazine

“Users of all ages are seeing the advantages these services offer, including to their health, safety, and well-being.”

In 2020, there were 55 million Americans 65+
By 2030, there will be 75+ million Americans 65+
That means, 10,000 Americans a DAY are turning 65

What is Included in our Solution?

Our Smart Hub connects all of the sensors and streams important information directly to the Caregiver Smart Solution App through your loved one’s Wi-Fi, giving you real-time updates on your loved one’s well-being.

Simply place our small, quarter-sized sensors in key areas of your loved one’s home, including the bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and dining room, to monitor their well-being and keep them safe.

For added peace of mind, our system includes emergency buttons that your loved ones can press in case of an urgent need for help. These buttons can be placed on their nightstand, in the kitchen, or in the living area for easy access.

The temperature and humidity sensor can keep track of the temperature and humidity in your loved one’s bathroom and/or kitchen, alerting you if they are taking frequent baths, if a pot has been left on the stove, or if there is a potential fire. It can also alert you if the temperature becomes too cold or too hot.

The door/drawer sensors can be easily placed on medicine cabinets, refrigerator doors, or front and back doors to help you monitor if medicine is being taken at the appropriate times, or if a door has been left open. This can give you peace of mind and help ensure your loved one’s safety.

New York Times

“Smart-home devices can be there when you can’t, providing a 24/7 connection to help ensure safety, assist with daily tasks, and allow you to check in on a loved one.”

Let us help

How does Caregiver Smart Solutions Work?

Our sensors track movement and patterns of ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) in the home, providing family members and caregivers with valuable insights into their loved one’s daily activities without the need for video cameras, listening devices, or wearable tracking devices.

These small, non-intrusive sensors, about the size of a quarter, are discreetly placed around the home and transmit the information to our app on your smart device.

Our Easy-to-Use App

Our app allows you to be informed about your loved one’s eating, sleeping, and movement patterns, providing insights into potential changes in their health. 

This can help initiate conversations about potential changes and support their independence while giving you peace of mind. It’s a simple solution that helps to ensure their well-being.

The Senior List


“The app can be used by multiple people, allowing your whole family or group of caregivers to stay updated.”

Covered Across Multiple Media Channels

The Washington Post

“AARP’s national family and caregiving expert, Goyer, 61, says the most notable change in caregiving in her experience has been technology — particularly the smart tech that many seniors rely on to stay safe in their homes.”

Our founder Ryan Herd had the opportunity to give a TEDx Talk about using “Smart” technology to enable safe aging at home. Ryan says, ” We are grateful to TEDx for acknowledging the effort we have put into developing our caregiver Support Technology. This empowers older adults to maintain their independence and dignity while living at home and provides their caregivers with more peace of mind and leisure time. We are honored to receive this recognition and are dedicated to continuing to make a positive impact on the world. 😁”

By caregivers for caregivers like you

Ryan Herd, Founder
Revolutionizing Caregiving with Advanced Technology: An Introduction to Caregiver Smart Solutions

As I struggled with the challenges of caring for my dad, who had been diagnosed with cancer, I realized that there was a lack of caregiver technology available to help me keep track of his health and well-being without intruding on his privacy. As someone who has worked in the tech industry for 30 years, I was surprised and frustrated by the lack of solutions.

As a caregiver, the stress and demands on my time and energy were affecting my work and relationships with my own family. I knew that modern technology had the potential to help me better support my dad while he aged in place, without causing him any additional stress or discomfort.

That’s why I created Caregiver Smart Solutions, a company that offers innovative technology solutions specifically designed for caregivers like YOU. Our products provide valuable insight without the use of cameras or other intrusive methods, helping caregivers to better support their loved ones while respecting their privacy.

During these difficult times, when many of us are unable to visit our loved ones in person, it can be especially difficult to know how they are doing. I hope that Caregiver Smart Solutions can help alleviate some of that worry and make it easier for caregivers to provide the support their loved ones need.

Caregivers praise our service.

Kate says, “My mom is almost 97 and still lives on her own, she still gets around but I do worry about her. This has been a godsend because it gives me peace of mind. I get alerts that she is moving around and I know her habits very well.”

Greg Says, “In a heart failure situation, you may not have time to hit that button, yet the sensors that are located throughout the house can pick up anything out of the ordinary and alert me right away.”

Ryan Says, “This all started because of my Dad’s cancer. I knew modern technology could help without destroying the privacy my dad craved. That’s why I created Caregiver Smart Solutions.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When the Icon in the App turns yellow or when within the sensor battery history it shows ‘low battery’. At the very least 1 time a year. (Just like a smoke alarm.)

Movement, Temperature/Humidity sensors, and the Red Emergency Buttons, simply turn upside down, use a nickel or quarter to twist off the back (Counterclockwise). Remove the small plastic insulator. Reverse the process to close. Door/Drawer Sensors have a round button on the front/top– place your thumb on the round button and twist (Counterclockwise) until it comes off. Remove the small plastic insulator. Reverse the process to close.

Movement Sensors twist off – do not pull off the wall, push towards the wall while twisting (Counterclockwise). When installing, face the pin location (small hole) to the side. Temperature/Humidity Sensor twist off – do not pull off the wall, push towards the wall while twisting (Counterclockwise). When installing, face the pin location (small hole) to the side. Door/Drawer Sensors have a round button on the front/top, do not pull off the door or cabinet – place your thumb on the round button and twist (Counterclockwise) until it comes off. Reverse the process to close. Red Emergency Buttons, simply turn upside down, use a nickel or quarter to twist off the back (Counterclockwise). Reverse the process to close.

Sometimes you have to ‘re-add’ the sensor in your App after replacing the battery, follow the “Add a Sensor” section in settings.

The Smart Hub is not communicating with the Sensors or the power is out. Make sure the hub is plugged into a known working outlet.

If it’s blinking it’s thinking. The Smart hub will blink when it is plugged in for the 1st time, or after it loses power, or when you are adding a sensor or setting up WiFi.

If you want to give the sensor a special name, you can rename it by selecting the icon. Then in the top right of the app select edit by the X. When done, click OK.

Not at this time. (If there is something you would like to see added, please email Ryan@caregiversmartsolutions. We LOVE new ideas!)

Caregiver – Caregiver Smart Solutions

Helping caregivers monitor their loved ones as they age in place.



Pompton Plains, NJ

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